Multimedia Journalism

1.   Feature Story: Springfield’s Evolving Social Media Scene
This was the feature package I lead for our team. I was extremely pleased at the finished product. The subject matter was passionate for me, and I feel like that showed. This piece also allowed me to meet Elsie and Emma, two bloggers I admire greatly.

2.   Photo StoryArvest’s Leading Sustainable Building Projects in Springfield

I created this photo story for the most recent package our group produced and housed it on my own blog post. I chose this photo story because the composition of the photos turned out nicely even though I was restricted in taking photos of customers. Thankfully, some employees were willing to be photographed giving the photos some human interest.

3. Reporting Based Opinion Blog: Leadership: What Tap Dancing and the Military Have in Common

I chose this blog to represent my reporting mixed with opinion because it involves three separate sources  with my opinions about their presentations.

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4.  Podcast: Interview with Jeff Nene
This podcast, although it is too long, showcases my best podcast making skills with editing and cadence of voice. This podcast was created for the package, “Springfield Pays it Forward to Japanese Sister City“. Since making this podcast, I feel I have learned a lot more. I am proud to say that I arranged the script for our group’s last package that Susan actually created with my coaching.
5. Video: Springfield Barista Qualifies for National Competition
I am extremely proud of this video that I worked outside of a group package. I felt the story was news-worthy something I cared about, promoted where I worked, and supported a friend. I created this video for this blog post.


Here are 5 of my Favorite Blog Posts:

6. Featured Blog: Using Twitter as a Journalism ToolThis blog is important for multiple reasons. First of all, it was one of my two posts that made a featured slot this semester. Second, I successfully figured out how to do screen shots on my own because of this blog post. Lastly, this blog post discusses a unique situation on Twitter where it helped me get an interview for a feature.

7. Blogging like a Professional: 7 PR Social Media Tips from Sarah Evans
This blog post is great because I took what I learned about blogging from the Social Media Bootcamp and applied it in the post. It received a lot of traffic because the nature of the post and how I promoted it on Twitter.


8. A Creative Blog Post: What is a Latte?

I received a lot of positive feedback on this blog post because of its informative nature and creative flair.I receive a complimentary comment from my editor, which made my day. I enjoy how the photos tell the story for me in a way only photos can.


9. Featured Blog Post: MSU iPALs: International Public Affairs Leaders

I chose this blog because it was one out of two blog posts featured all year. I believe that is probably because of the subject matter and the amount of multimedia content in one post.

10: Newsworthy Post: St. Louis Airport Severely Damaged by Tornado
I chose this last post because I was proud that I was the first person to blog about this particular breaking news story with a personal side to an all news story. 
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