During my childhood, my favorite pastime was playing with neighbors in an imaginary world called Fruit Island. Our fantasy had everything from chalk roads for bicycles to pseudonyms and fake family trees. My character was the editor of the paper, Fruit News, and distributed this colored periodical to all of my neighbors — even the ones without kids.

As I grew older, I expressed my creativity through other outlets such as Speech & Debate, Theater and English class. After school, I spent my days honing my latte art skills at my mom’s coffee shop. Freshman year of college, I stumbled upon a career that magically fused my love for writing, creating and public speaking into one: Public Relations.

Looking back at my embarrassingly colorful bubble letter headlines on Fruit News, I know that this pastime set me on a path of lifelong writing and inventive thinking, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Currently, I craft and execute creative, strategic PR and social media plans for clients at deep, a foodservice marketing agency.