How to Make your Social Media “Wonderfilled” like Oreo

It’s no secret that I am an avid fan girl of all of Oreo’s social media marketing. From perfectly timed memes humorously commenting on current events like the Super Bowl to their Daily Twist campaign last year, Oreo has been setting the standard for social media marketing for all brands. And with their latest “Wonderfilled” campaign, created by The Martin Agency, they successfully brought their social media game to the next level.

The Concept

Oreo created a cheery animated anthem to celebrate the wonderful child-like joy of eating Oreos featuring the popular band, Owl City. The video was perfectly executed. You can’t help but smile when you think of the power of sharing an Oreo with a friend or the big bad wolf. At the core, the commercial is about celebrating the love of the product and not trying to sell anything, and therefore, it is much more shareable.

From Social to the Streets

Taking cues from popular movies featuring acapella groups like Pitch Perfect, Oreo took their video to the streets of New York City and had acapella groups from all over, like the YouTube sensation Pentatonix, sing their Wonderfilled anthem. The singers were equipped with Oreo packs to pass out to all of the spectators. Connecting social media efforts to real life is paramount for a truly successful social media campaign.

Who wouldn’t want to be serenaded in the streets of NYC and have a free Oreo to top it off? This tactic inspired social media chatter around the #wonderfilled hashtag.

Connecting to the Younger Generation with YouTube Stars

Oreo did not stop with one animated video and a real life street concert. The brand connected with YouTube stars and collaborated with them to create new videos with the artist’s individual flair. After sharing a variety of versions of the Wonderfilled song, Oreo created a mash-up of all the artists, showcasing their different style.

This tactic worked because the individual artists posted the videos to their personal YouTube channels, so Oreo was able to leverage their fan base and build a further buzz around the campaign.

How to Make to your Social Media Wonderfilled like Oreo

Businesses do not need a huge budget to implement some of the strategy behind Oreo’s social media campaign. Some lessons include:

  1. Create content that brings a smile to fans faces and ignites sharing
  2. Always find ways to connect online efforts to off-line events
  3. Leverage fans of thought leaders by collaborating with them on projects they can contribute their talents to

At the end of the day, social media marketing can be and should be fun. If your content does not make you happy, it will probably not resonate with your fans either. Be creative and a little strategic, and “wonderfilled” things will follow.


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