Pinterest: The Best Ideas are Borrowed

Since my last post on Pinterest, it has taken over the social media scene. One common board for female 20 something users to have is a wedding board. As you find ideas on the web, Pinterest allows you to organize them and save them in one location, which is perfect for wedding planners. However, weddings are not the only events Pinterest can be helpful in planning.

This semester, I was on a planning committee for a professional conference for students in the Public Relations Student Society of America, or PRSSA. Every year, my Chapter holds what is called PRSSA Day. This year, our venue was The Discovery Center in Springfield, Mo., so we decided to run with the theme of the “Science of PR.”

When we first decided our theme, I immediately started a board dedicated to PRSSA Day 2012 and made all of our committee members contributors on the board. I was amazed at what I found when I just searched the word “science.” We borrowed some ideas and made them our own to give our professional conference personality, flare and a consistent brand.

Our Centerpieces

When I stumbled upon this “pin” from, I knew we had to recreate it as a centerpiece for our event. I emailed the chemistry department at Missouri State, and they graciously allowed us to borrow 15 glass beakers for our event. We bought purple tulle and wooden skewers to complete the look. We had three topics of the day: public relations, branding and social media, so we took three elements: Praseodymium, Bromine and Samarium to represent each topic. We used the real atomic number but changed the atomic mass to be the date of our event and the element name to the speaker’s topic.

We got many compliments on our centerpieces. I was very proud of the end result.

Cupcake Periodic Table

To treat our attendees, we decided it would be fun to pass out cupcakes as a mid-afternoon snacks. Again, on Pinterest, I stumbled upon this photo of cupcakes set up like a periodic table. It was so cute; we had to try it.

To match our beakers, we took the same three elements and made tiny cupcake toppers. The end result was perfect, and everyone was pleasantly surprised by the treat.

Overall, the event was a huge success, and I cannot help but give some credit to the brainstorming power of Pinterest.

Have you ever used Pinterest to plan an unique event?


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