10 Secrets to Becoming a Blog Star

Over the past couple of years, I have come to love the world of blogging. I have two blogs and manage one for a student organization. At my part time job, I am helping develop a new blog. I thought I would share some of my tips that I created for my co-workers.

  1. Keep it simple & sweet: The overall tone of blogging is conversational and personal. Use short sentences and entertaining adjectives. Tell a story to your readers, and be sure to explain any jargon.
  2. People love lists: People skim. Research shows that you have about 3 seconds to gain a reader’s attention, so make your lead sentence count. Lists are a great way to get attention. Who can resist a headline “7 Secrets to a Better Workout”?
  3. Share the link love: Linking to outside sources is the best way for us to gain a wider readership and increase our blog’s site stats. People love getting additional information to read as well. Try linking within sentences with hyperlinks, like so.
  4. Pictures make everything more fun: Think outside of writing, especially if writing is not your thing. My most successful blog posts were informational posts told through pictures. Embedding videos from YouTube and Vimeo are also great.
  5. Have a sense of humor: People love to laugh. I once heard someone say that the secret to success in the blogosphere is being able to say something is cute in a million different ways. That goes the same for humor. Do not be afraid to let your funny bone show!
  6. Do your research: If you are writing an opinion about a current event or trend, be sure to have your facts straight. The most embarrassing blogging faux pas is to report something that is false. It is also the most dangerous aspect of blogging. People trust you; do not lead them astray.
  7. Understand copyright laws: Do not use pictures from other sites without permission or linking back to the source. Never copy and paste someone else’s words. Google frowns on duplicate content in search engine queries, and it is wrong. Most bloggers are flattered if you want to use their photos just ask first.
  8. Be creative but professional in your presentation: How you format your blog posts is important. Give some purpose and color to your work; however, do not go too far. Even though blogging is a conversation, you will lose credibility if you lack professionalism.
  9. Have someone else read over your work: Proofreading errors can cause a loss of credibility as well. Have anyone read over your post before you post. It is better to have someone unfamiliar with the topic read your work to know if you are truly successful in conveying your message.
  10. Be Yourself: Above all else, be yourself. Write about things YOU love. Do not force an issue. People can tell when you are being fake or if you lack passion. Certain readers will be drawn to your posts because they can relate to YOU.

2 thoughts on “10 Secrets to Becoming a Blog Star

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