One. Two. Three. Four. Five.

I graduate in a little over three months. I am more than ready to have a full-time job. I have had three internships, been involved in a pre-professional organization, completed my LinkedIn profile, made coffee for important people in town, re-vamped my resume and made my dream job list.

Now, I just need to apply.

Something has been stopping me. An invisible force that seems to be controlling my procrastination to send my resume for my first big girl job.


Applying for your first job in your career is terrifying. I should not be afraid, but it is putting yourself out there in the most vulnerable way possible. It is saying: am I worth taking a risk on? You start to second guess if you are worth it.

But I learned a powerful lesson from the pilot of the ABC television series LOST through the character Jack. He tells the story of his first surgery, and how fear engulfed him the moment it wrong. He made a decision to let Fear do its thing but for only FIVE seconds.

He counted: one, two, three, four, five, and saved the young girl’s life he was performing surgery on.¬†This may be cheesy, but I am going to give Fear five seconds just like Jack.







How do you deal with pre-applying jitters?


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