MailChimp: Oh, the Possibilities!

The day we learned about QR codes in my social media PR class was the day that one student’s life was turned upside down. You should have seen the look of astonishment on his face; it was like we revealed the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. And now every project he does is surrounding QR codes like his blog “QRazy for PR“. I remember thinking I do not remember the last time I got THAT excited about something new in social media.

But then we learned about MailChimp last week, and my mind is flooding with all the possibilities!

MailChimp is an email marketing service that allows you to send mass emails using HTML, organize mailing lists, and track who opens it and forwards it to a friend. It is similar to Constant Constant and has over 500,000 users [Crunchbase Profile]. These users are beginning to see the benefits of using MailChimp of Constant Contact.

For example, Thomas Umstattd wrote a blog post called “7 Reasons Why MailChimp is Better Than Constant Contact.” He argued that some of the reasons MailChimp is better are: it is cheaper, it integrates better with other sites like Twitter, blogs, etc., the interface is easier to navigate, the embed code is simpler and it keeps your email out of the spam box.

I agree with Umstattd. MailChimp is so easy to use. At my internship at the Urban Districts Alliance, we just switched from Constant Contact to MailChimp. I am currently learning how to use the program and navigate the interface, but I know I am going to learn quickly.

My mind is already swirling with ways to use this on a daily basis. For the first 500 email subscribers, MailChimp is free, which means I can utilize its services for my student organizations I am involved with such as PRSSA, or Public Relations Student Society of America. We send out a weekly update that would probably get a higher response rate if it had an interesting layout and could be shared via Twitter.

Here is an example of a MailChimp “campaign” from It’s All Downtown Weekly Update:

I have greatly enjoyed my limited exposure to MailChimp and highly recommend it. Using a HTML site like MailChimp greatly increases your interactive level of your organization’s email blasts, and the ability to track who opens and forwards the email is priceless when measuring success and evaluating marketing campaigns.

Do you prefer MailChimp, Constant Contact or a different email marketing site?


2 thoughts on “MailChimp: Oh, the Possibilities!

  1. You will have to sit down with me and walk me through Mail Chimp. As you know, I use Constant Contact at OFH and at first I hated it. After using it a little more I found that I like it (like…not love). There are somethings that really frustrate me with CC. The lay out is very particular and sometimes I just can’t get things to line up the way I want them to. If Mail Chimp is more user friendly then I will have to try to talk Lindsey into switching! 😉

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