A New Social Resume Platform

I have a resume confession:

I love color!

I sometimes get discouraged when I see boring black and white resumes presented at workshops. I know a resume should look professional, but for me, professional should not equal boring.

On my resumes, I have a colored square in the left corner and two colored lines, vertical and horizontal. I give each shape a color based on the job I am applying for. I pick the scheme based on the type of job (conservative vs. creative) or based on the organization’s colors. This is my little way to stamp my little bit of personality on my resume.

That is also why I love online resumes–they have the potential to be very colorful! I recently stumbled upon a beta site that houses digital resumes called You can import all your data from LinkedIn, and the site organizes all of your data in nice charts. It is a creative person’s dream!

You have options for themes, layouts, etc. It even includes your interests, awards and languages you speak. The best part is that it is shareable, and once you start sharing, you can track your click-throughs. So now you can know when someone opens your resume, you can tweet your resume and post it on Facebook.

There are a million and one sites like this out there, I know. However, the way integrates your LinkedIn profile to a more digestible, colorful medium makes me excited. The look is unique and easy to use. I highly recommend it to students!

Check out my profile on and get your own!


2 thoughts on “ A New Social Resume Platform

    • That took me 3 minutes tops! I am not kidding. The site does EVERYTHING for you. You just pick the style and colors and sync it up with LinkedIn. And no I haven’t really explored other peoples, but there are limited themes, so I am sure it will be cool until everyone has one. 🙂

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