Experimenting with Flickr & Color Splash Studio

This week, I lost my computer of three years. It was devastating, but I am over it now with my new Mac Book Pro. However, I have yet to buy some important accessories like a card reader for my camera and things like that.

My first app purchase was a photo editing software called Color Splash Studio. It is a simple photo editing software that allows you to select certain colors in the photos to be highlighted and the rest of the photo be black and white.

I have spent a good portion of my day editing photos that I have taken during my travels and adventures making them all the more special and exciting. This prompted me to look further into a better way to share these photos other than Facebook.

I started a Flickr account, and I have been playing around with Flickr settings as well. My two favorite parts of Flickr is you can place your photo on a map to indicate the location it was taken, and you can indicate the copyright permissions for each photo.

Here is my first Flickr badge. Enjoy!


bparry08's Color Splash Experiments photoset bparry08’s Color Splash Experiments photoset

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