A Lesson in QR Codes: Macy’s Backstage Pass

While watching an TV episode on Hulu recently, an advertisement caught my eye. Macy’s is doing a promotion with something called “Macy’s Backstage Pass.” The backstage pass is a Macy’s red star with a QR code embedded into it.

I thought the commercial was brilliant so I did some more research.

It turns out that Macy’s introduced a similar campaign in early 2011, according to Orange QR’s blog. The campaign was so successful, they have re-launched it for the fall with some fun twists.

Elements of Macy’s Updated QR Code Campaign

  • First of all, the new campaign is much more specific on showing consumers how to utilize the QR code. It is evident in the very educational commercial. If someone had never seen or used a QR code, the commercial shows them what to do step by step.
  • Second, it provides customers with valuable exclusives such as 30 second videos with fashion and decorating tips from top people in the industry.
  • Lastly, it rewards the customers with a chance to enter a shopping spree contest.

Macy’s campaign is nicely executed. It uses education, exclusives and rewards with a creative approach to a QR Code. Macy’s also proves a reputable company that has been around for decades can keep up with the times in a relevant, innovative manner.

PR professionals can learn from Macy’s that not everyone knows how to use a QR code and that it must provide value to be worth the time of the consumer.

Here is one of the commercials of the current campaign:


3 thoughts on “A Lesson in QR Codes: Macy’s Backstage Pass

  1. Great article you got here. I never expected that the world’s largest department store is offering this types of macys coupons that can give us shoppers the savings we needed. Thanks for the information!

  2. The QR Code is this particular post goes the commercial I embedded in the post. The QR Code campaign has multiple different codes that lead to various videos with tips from professionals and designers.

    Thank you for stopping by!

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