A Day to Disconnect

In today’s society it seems, we are connected to everything. Whether via social media, mobile apps or a computer, we have a constant flow of information. The only problem is knowing when to turn off that connection because times it often interferes with our everyday face-to-face interaction.

Public relations professionals can sometimes be the worst at turning off the connection, and rightfully so, since we often manage multiple social media accounts and should respond in a timely manner to customer inquiries. However, it is important to set boundaries for yourself to stay healthy and passionate about what you do.

PR Newser published a blog post about a campaign that was hosted by Ohr Naava this past Sunday called “A Day to Disconnect.” The campaign challenged people to pledge anywhere from one hour to 24 hours of time “disconnected” from technology and use that time to connect with people in real life.

I just love the thought of this campaign. If I had read about it before the evening of October 2nd, I would have joined the revolution. Although, I find myself unintentionally disconnecting all the time because of leaving my phone somewhere or forgetting to charge it.

Where some people may find being without a phone or technology for even an hour unnerving, I find my accidents to be liberating.

Do you have ways you force yourself to disconnect?


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