7 Reasons Why Twitter is my #MainSqueeze

There are a lot of social media platforms out there. I enjoy a lot of them professionally and for personal use. However, my favorite by far has become Twitter, and here is why:

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  1. Twitter requires little committment. 

    I once heard the never-ending timeline of Twitter described as a river. When you want a drink, you scoop your hands and pull water out of the river. When you leave, the river keeps on flowing, but you do not seem to mind. Twitter, unlike some social media platforms, does not make you feel guilty for walking away and missing something.  I do not need to read every “tweet”, but often times I want to.
  2. Twitter is a networker’s dream.

    Because of the asymmetrical process of “following” someone on Twitter, it is a great networking tool. You can follow anyone from your best friend to celebrities to people who have jobs you want. This allows you to possibly meet people you would have never met before. My past and current internships were due to networking on Twitter. I have also met a lot of public relations students from all of the country in Public Relations Student Society of America, or PRSSA.

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  3. Twitter allows you to stay updated on the news and topics that interest you.

    After the death of Osama bin Laden, it seems clear that many of us receive breaking news via Twitter. I know I did. However, you can go beyond that and follow thought leaders in your industry or organizations you are passionate about. I follow coffee people, public relations professionals, local and national news outlets, non profit organizations, local businesses and celebrities of my favorite TV shows. It is your personalized newsletter.
  4. Twitter is an excellent promotional tool.

    Twitter gives you a platform to share with your followers what you are passionate about. You can promote events, blogs, organizations and more. It is your community bulletin board.

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  5. Twitter sharpens your wit.

    When you are limited to 140 characters, you are force to write concisely and clearly, which challenges your wit and exercises your humor. Mark Twain rephrased what a French mathematician Blaise Pascal’s famous comment: “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” Writing concisely takes thought and wit, which only sharpens our writing skills.
  6. Twitter has a unique culture that is fresh and exciting.

    Twitter is hard to understand at first. The culture is tightly nit, and people use foreign words like re-tweet, hashtag, handle and tweeps. While this chatter can be intimidating at first, once you jump into the “twitosphere”, all of the foreign language reveals itself as a quirky, inviting culture. Some Twitter nerds even have that culture bleed into real life. At the risk of revealing my nerdy side, some of my friends and I joke in “hashtags”. #DontJudgeMe
  7. You can always learn something new about Twitter.

    I have been on Twitter for almost 2 years, and I just learned at a social media seminar hosted by my Communication Department at Missouri State that when you mention someone (use the “at” sign in front of their name) first, it only appears in the timeline of people following both you and the person mentioned.  

    All in all, Twitter is a useful social media tool that does not require much of its users but rewards them greatly. If Twitter is also your #MainSqueeze or you are looking to explore it more, you can follow me @bparry08.

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