The PR Belle

To begin this adventure, I want to first explain myself and the name of this blog “The PR Belle.”

I am a public relations student taking a social media class where we are required to keep and manage a blog on the topics of social media and PR. Even though this blog started from a class assignment, I look forward to where it might go.

I chose the name “The PR Belle” for many reasons. First, I wanted something that had nothing to do with my name but did not proclaim me as any sort of expert. I like “belle” because it means “beauty” in French, which represents my love of language and travelling. It also refers to someone with a sort of sophistication about them. Ironically, the character Belle from Beauty and the Beast is said to be “a beauty but a funny girl.” She was misunderstood and a bit quirky like myself.

I hope you will enjoy my exploration of the great wide world of social media and public relations in the context of books and culture.



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